Name: Rayvon
Nicknames: Ray Ray or Mr.Ray
From: North Spirit Lake
Occupation: Grade 2 student @ V.L.M.S
Hobbies: Playing XBOX LIVE
Quote: It`s Mr.Ray

October 20/2010

good afternoon. Just came to write his hellos

Doreen & Shaun

His sister Lavonne

His brother Cordell

His buddies, Gordon,Lee,Dylan,Dwight

His aunties, Brenda, Roberta, Monika, Martina & Cheryl

His Uncles, Lory, Jason, Trevor & Norman

Also to his lil cousins

Cherilynn, Lazarus, Eric, Robyn, Alysha, Edwina, Jacob, Blaise, Robbie

That`s all

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